My Top 10 of 2022

Life is a Circus

This turned out to be a better year than I had expected. Here are the highlights of the good stuff – luckily we humans have a way of forgetting the bad:

  • My families good health. My son seems to have gotten through a cancer scare. My left knee was replaced and its led to me hiking again and losing 12 pounds (so far). My wife and I have upped our fitness and she completed several serious mountain bike rides that lasted a week each
  • I reunited with my twin brother and both of my boys moved to San Francisco in their own apartments. My brother in law moved to Canyonville, OR after wanting to get out of Northern Idaho
  • Work has been great for me and everyone I know
  • Musically, it was a leap year. Besides coming along nicely on the Cello, my guitar, bass, lap steel and keyboard skill level jumped up noticeably. I still need to play the violin more, but even my mandolin and dulcimer skills are a small step better. I now can visualize a song and then play and record what is true to my idea. That’s pretty huge IMHO. My lead playing is much better
  • Politically, it seems that the US is slowly turning the corner and divesting itself of the Trump Lunacy. The mid terms gave me way more hope than I had expected – I was braced for the worst. Maybe we don’t have as many super morons in this country after all – fingers crossed
  • Photography has been a blast. The Eastern Sierra and Bodie were spectacular. The Canyonville trip was a long weekend but made up for being in the Eastern Sierra too early for fall colors
  • Last year Lord Huron was my fave new band. I don’t have one this year, but I really have gotten into Jazz and KCSM
  • I read several really good books – most non fiction / history and some fantastic recording books
  • I cut my alcohol consumption down to two drinks a week. I did find a cocktail that is my all time favorite – its called The Revolver and was first created in San Francisco. I tried one for the first time at a bar below our SF office called Terminus. I’ve been reducing my alcohol mostly so I can lose weight but I see many other benefits already
  • Being thankful for everything and especially every one in my life, especially my wonderful wife, the best soul mate I could ever ask for.

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