Tree Bones


As the fall colors faded, I started thinking “What next?” (Photograhically speaking).

The first thing that came to mind was cityscapes in San Francisco and mostly architecture, plus any possible “decisive moment” photography. Storefronts like Atget or street photography like Henri Cartier Bresson. Skyscrapers, fountains, old parts in town. Small bits of building detail. Boats on the Hyde Street Pier. Maybe the streetcar museum in Suisun?

The winter sun, especially late afternoon is something I always remember from the decade I lived in San Fracisco, or the Fall and Winter I spent in London.

Not only do you get mottled light, but the trees are bare and don’t blot out building details. In fact, trees look architecturally like structures against man made structures.

Trees look skeletal, like “tree bones”.

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