In a Clearing

Around the corner 
And up a hill
A huge plateau
The winters chill

Round these parts
The grass gets green
Dusted with frost
Our winters scene

Where I'm from
It snowed a lot
The wind blew hard
Over 50 knotts

I prefer my
Present scene
A touch of frost
On grass of green

Several things are lining up with a sort of theme to close out this year – a sort of “clearing”. At work there is a turning of upper management – going from a startup to the next phase – and this should be good for me in my position, my second knee will be replaced soon, and it just feels in general like there will be some new playing fields in 2023. The metaphor of the ” barren / leafless ” trees and the green grass which is a major part of our winter landscape seem to be conspiring. I’m losing weight and I have a funny feeling that some things will happen that will pave the way to moving to Oregon (which I’ll bet is about a 2 year process).

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