Ham Radio and Me (KY6R)

This New Years Eve will be the 10th year anniversary where I earned one of Ham Radios biggest accolades. This “award” or better yet – achievement – is where you try to contact all of the worlds countries and many far flung islands.

The last contact came on December 31, 2012 and it was one solar cycle since I started chasing this award, which is called DXCC Honor Roll, sponsored by The American Radio Relay League of which I’ve been a life member for quite some time.

Ham Radio is important in my life because it directly led to me getting into software and databases. My fathers Electronic Engineering friend convinced me to get into software instead of hardware. I’ve had a wonderful and successful career for over 40 years now.

Besides my career, the nostalgia of using Morse Code and all kinds of different radio technology – from old tube radios to hand held satellite radios has been great fun. My specialty was building antennas and trying to squeeze as much out of my small and compromised lot as possible, and it was a real challenge and accomplishment

I sold all of my gear a couple years ago and turned my ham “shack” into a music recording studio. Like Ham Radio, Music is a hobby I had many years ago that I’ve revived in these latter years of my life.

The only hobby that I have had constantly has been photography.

Anyway, just having a fond moment over coffee and am so glad I’ve always had hobbies that made up for any days or years where the job felt like “just a job” and not a career.

I know only two people who think hobbies are a waste of time and money, and they are business mavens who only want to climb corporate ladders and seek status. I swear they are robots – not people. Mannequins is actually more like it.

My hobbies have given me so much in my life and they equal or have exceeded my career. They have protected me, sheltered me and kept my confidence high in those (very few) times where some asshole boss made me feel like shit.

I can’t imagine a life without hobbies and the fun interesting and passionate people I’ve met through my hobbies.

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