The Big Chill

The block of ice the US is currently experiencing (and will be) through Christmas
Get the logs stacked up
This is going to be a cold
That you have never seen
We must stay bold

Our pioneer ancestors
Had it much harder
There were no light switches
Or food in the larder

Imagine a time
With no Internet
No power
No safety net

If you didn't move
You'd freeze in place
This was way before
Man conquered space

As smart as we think we are
We have crawled backwards in time
Our driverless cars
Are primordial slime

De-evolution is now
Running backwards into the night
Faster than
The speed of the absence of light

In 1981 I graduated from Lock Haven State College in Pennsylvania. That February, the temperature did not get above zero for the entire month. I then moved to Rochester, NY and lasted one year before screaming uncle and moving to San Francisco.

I can feel the pain of those in the grips of an intense and dangerous cold.

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