I've got one life to live
No shits to give
No cares in this world
My freak flags unfurled

I'll do what I want
Haunt who I'll taunt
Please some today
Scare others away

I'm nobody's fool
Nobody' tool
I do what I wish
I serve my own dish

I feast day and night
With the words that I write
Its all for myself
And nobody else

I woke up today and had a goofy idea for a soap opera – and remembered that old show – “One Life to Live” and immediately thought – “No Shits to Give”.

I then thought about rock stars or other artists who have complained about having to give up creative control over their work – and that that has led to the demise of more than one rock band breaking up. In some cases it sounds really sad and awful.

I have a ton of fun (at my age) goofing on rock music – especially punk-ish songs – and they are all joke songs. I do try to write decent hooks with melodies and interesting bridges and other changes in the song. Some have lyrics – and some do not – some have lyrics and I don’t sing them either.

I guess all of this is today’s theme – that this is perhaps the only aspect in my life where I am completely free to do music as I want with no rules or schedule set by others. It is one of life’s truest forms of freedom. Its why they call it fun and not work I suppose – although I certainly work at becoming better.

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