A New Year

This is a photo from the late 80’s – I was living in London but travelled quite a bit. This cafe window scene – in Amsterdam – was during my “street photography” phase of life – and most likely taken with a Leica M6 and Ilford B&W film. I played around with it in Gimp – just for fun and applied a cartoon filter which added some contrast. Because it was so long ago – I do like the surreal quality – as if in a dream from way in the past. I did shoot a lot of those cool bicycles in Amsterdam – with the people using them and riding them. Bikes were all over the city – and it was a chilly time of the year. What a great city.

I’ve found a bunch of really good images – the compositions were quite good – for trying my hand at “Decisive Moment” photography – but the technical part has something to be desired.

The song is a slow one – and I have been really surprised at how much fun these slow songs are – since I usually like playing more up-tempo songs. But like anything else – with enough attention and care – you can make anything half way decent – an old photo or a new song . . .

I’m looking forward to the new year. 2022 in a lot of ways was the best year since about 2016, and I expect 2023 to be similar to this year. I made great progress musically and with losing weight, seriously upping my exercise and cutting way back on alcohol (so I can lose weight consistently). These are things I’ve been “practicing” while avoiding the stress I had felt in the past. In fact, as I said yesterday, the most positive way to change behavior or improve on your skills is to be kind enough to yourself to actually let it happen.

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