Art Projects for 2023

My old Leica M6 looked like this little beauty. It is what I used in my European trip in the 80’s where I lived in London for a quarter to set up Gupta Technologies (an Oracle spin off), in Europe. I do like the all black model better

1. Once the Fuji X100V becomes available again, I’ll order the all black version. I plan on doing more street photography – after my right knee is replaced. I hope to do some photography with my boys in San Francisco – where they live

2. Move my recording studio in from the garage to our spare bedroom

3. Go through my old film archives and digitize any hidden gems

4. Music every day

The biggest “theme” for 2023 will be street photography – first while recovering from surgery, then actually out walking around. I will try to write music for two instruments, but I usually let the music take me where it wants to, so I’m betting that street photography is what I can control a little more. It also has an element of surprise and serendipity.

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