Cafe De Westertoren – 1989

Minimal Gimp post processing

Another hidden gem from my 80’s Amsterdam street photography shoots using a Leica M6 and either Ilford or Kodak black and white film.

Heavy Gimp post processing

I missed a whole bunch of great photographs when I made prints for shows. I had a darkroom in San Francisco that I built in my garage and I did a lot of excellent printing. However, being in my late 20’s, I was only “smitten” by the obvious images that were very good – I’ll brag – some were great – and still are.

However, at 28 and 29, my art aesthetic was far from well formed and I missed a ton of more subtle, dare I say more “intriguing” photographs.

I did have the presence of mind to see these cafes in Amsterdam, where the bikes were never locked but just leaning against a cafe where the rider (owner or borrower?) was inside.

Today’s song was written on the cello then I added mandolin, which I like a lot. And just like yesterday, these are only experiments where I can experience what works and what doesn’t. I used the cello as a lead instrument and mandolin as a backing “support”. The idea did work.

I did break my “rule” of just two instruments, but the Hammond B3 patch just sounded so good at the end. I might trim a little out of this song tomorrow and repost after several listens and my daily “self critique”.

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