Funny Amsterdam – 1989

I realize that there is yet one more of these Amsterdam “tripytch” series – three humorous street shots that I did back in 1989.

Wow – turns out I was a much better street photographer in the late 80’s than my 28 or 29 year old self even knew. Some of my images are what I strived for as far as street photography is concerned. I was trying to emulate Henri Cartier Bresson, Eugene Atget and Robert Frank, and in at least a handful of images I came as close as I could have expected. Composition wise – more than technically speaking. But much closer than I knew back then. I had the right idea but man was I clueless as far as knowing my own self and art. I’m reminiscing, sure, but also seeing my past life through a different lens. Hey – there’s a song idea!

My 20 – something rock star wannabe self was an OK songwriter and musician but in just these last 2 years I’ve gone much farther and faster than the 7 or 8 years I played in bands in the 80’s. I digitized some of my old songs this summer but I think only 2 or 3 songs from my younger years were pretty good, but no where near what I can do now.

This “archeology” is reminding me that just because we get too old to live the rock and roll life style, we should never quit – every year is a good year. And this reminds me of that excellent Cake song, “How much did you pay for your rock and roll life style?”

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