Amsterdam Radiogramofoonfabriek – 1989

Well, OK – so after several songs where I kept to just two instruments – cello plus one other, I cried uncle today and added a couple extra tracks and have guitar (2 parts), cello and piano parts. I do think that its really hard to write a two part song and make it “compelling”. For those classical and jazz composers, players and arrangers, I applaud their skill.

I do remember this awesome back street photograph. I love how dogs will carry sticks of just about any size – and when I came upon this guy – the scene was just magical. Of course – my love of all things radio factored in as well. I did find other photo’s online of this building – and I lucked out – it ended up first being tagged with poorly sprayed graffiti and then turned into new apartments. It seems I caught the very end of this building as it was. Supposedly, they made stereo equipment here at one time.

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