Are You Reeling in the Years?

Superb gothic illustration of New Year

Steely Dan is one of my all time favorites – even though there were other genres I had proclaimed I was “now into”. Their song writing has always been at the top of the pop music world. “Reeling in the Years” is one of the best. Their music easily has stood the test of time.

Tonight we will all reel in another year. 2022 turned out to be perhaps my best year since the awful Trump Downslide started – which now seems to be a lifetime ago. (His downfall is delicious and history will paint him and his followers as clowns and losers). There will be other clowns, but sorry, DeSantos, Abbott, MTG and others can never match Trumps Assholiness. Musk can, but he’ll never get a chance to be president. Watch for his self inflicted demise – its already started.

I have always believed in Karma, but man, pile on politics, a pandemic and global climate change issues and now supply chain issues and inflation and it would be easy to become a pessimist. But Karma demands patience and that patience is always rewarded – sometimes not exactly as we would have expected or hoped for. One thing I can say for sure, my mantra, “Assholes undo themselves” has never ever failed.

Yule Tide Man

Right at the end of this year, I stumbled on a true gift of a lifetime. My film negatives, all protected in professional archival binders and sleeves have had so many hidden gems its actually overwhelming. I easily had gotten photo shows in every San Francisco cafe or restaurant where I asked for a show, and even had one doctor who purchased three prints – she was my only “collector” way back in the 80’s. When I chose the images to print, they were the obvious. My wife asked if I was trying to be like someone back then and I said “Henri Cartier Bresson!” and she said that MY art and style was forming and now I’ve unearthed my personal style.

As I’ve mentioned in the previous several posts, while we all get older each New Years and on our birthday, in some small way, we do get better. Its very hard to see this since our society has always worshipped youth. That has changed a little bit, but still remains true.

Here’s wishing you all the best in 2023 – may you stumble on your own inner self and learn one cool thing about yourself that makes you smile in 2023.

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