The Year Ahead

What will 2023 bring? I’m betting 2023 will build on 2022 – mostly good – some bad, but another year of “healing”. Some of the things I do expect – and as a set of trends that were strong in 2022 and ended the year with these things pretty strong “momentum wise”:

1. My second knee will be replaced and I can build on my fitness and hike longer than the 3 miles that I do now - with one bad knee. I expect the second recovery to be a lot faster because I am now a pro with this - and the fear of the unknown will not be there
2. I've lost 15 pounds and will get to my first goal weight - that has been going great in 2022. I do have a method and approach that seems to work - even to get past plateaus
3. Art - my music and photography will continue to bring me great joy. The digitizing of old film will continue - what a great last minute 2022 surprise
4. Work - there are some changes going on at work - but the company is well funded and I think they have a great chance on stepping up to the next level that they plan. In 2022 - I built the best reporting (data warehouse) stack that I have ever used in my 41 "going on 42" year career - Snowflake + Fivetran + dBt. It will be used to its capacity in 2023 - there's great momentum there
5. Socio-political - the midterms set the stage and also - some justice will finally happen. I saw a headline stating that 2022 was the year "Democracy Fought Back".  And indeed - it did. There will be some continuing serious clownery going on - it seems to be a new thing brought to you by spoiled brat billionaires who cry when they don't get to grift the country. But the loons at least are now being seriously called out and even ignored - as they should be. The GQP will rip itself to shreds in 2023 and not set itself up well for 2024. Trump will take his ball and go home when the GQP starts looking at his replacement. Sooner or later he will have health issues - all this shit will catch up to him. Karma will be a bitch for him. History will be very, very unkind to him - he is already listed as second to worse President ever. 

The economy will go into a recession (its probably already there) and I expect more supply chain issues and high prices. But looking back to the many recessions we've been through - we will bounce back, and it won't be as bad as Bush's 2008 terrible crash.

There are other good things to look forward to. Tomorrow I will return to my "Amsterdam Series" with Amsterdam Cyclists from 1989, but this photo seems apropos for New Years Eve. 

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