Make Garden Art: Not War

A picture from my front porch

Our neighbor tore down a cute 50’s ranch house and put up a sprawling trailer trash box – for $2 million.

They ran out of money and went super cheap on the fence and never cleaned up the construction site. There are stumps, concrete blocks and slabs and chunks of wood – ends all just laying about. We call this place “Eyesore Acres”. Where I grew up in the Appalachias, trailer parks were much nicer – neat and tidy. They have created a serious drainage problem where the road floods where it never did before.

I’m seeing a pattern here with American White Trash Debuttantes.

– KY6R

We’ve gotten so sick of this trust fund babies eyesore that I had an idea to use my photographic framing and assemblage work and start building fun garden assemblage art pieces and place enough to blot out the blight and at the same time, distract attention away from the dump and onto something interesting and even funny.

This is the third piece (the other two are off to the left) but my theory on diverting our eyes to a frame and focal length is working very well. I’ll probably end up building 8 of these and my mission will be accomplished. I’ll take pictures of everything when its done.

This is a pretty serious case of “if you’re given lemons, make lemonade … Very pleased that my plan is working out very nicely. Yes, make art, not war (with your neighbors).

2 Comments on “Make Garden Art: Not War

  1. That looks nothing like anything I ever saw from your front porch before. Eek! Are you still in Orinda? Weren’t there more trees?


    • The idiot cut everything down. There were beautiful Tan Oak trees – that were fairly young and created a pleasant screen between properties. Can’t wait to move now, but until we do I have to try to have some fun with this


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