Amsterdam Bicycle Transport – 1989

All these years later – I’m starting to think that Amsterdam is as picturesque or even more than say Paris and London. Between the cycling and people walking and hanging out at cafes, bars and restaurants – Amsterdam has it all. It somehow seems more accessible than any other city – and it being flat certainly has something to do with that. I’m very impressed that a city that flat is by no means boring. The architecture and canals are very “cozy” unlike cities with skyscrapers and urban blight. I also remembered the people being very friendly and easy to meet – my memories of Amsterdam and a few other nearby cities is nothing but fantastic.

Music wise – I stumbled on a few simple guitar chords that I have used s far as I can remember. I used some quirkier chords for the bridge – and extended it with a couple quirky parts. Then added in a standard progression of C – Em – Am so it would have enough “cohesion”. Lucky for me – that made for a really fun and totally improvised cello part. I just worked on the verse and chorus a little – but the multi-part bridge and outro are 100% improvised – “first take”.

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