Amsterdam Hipsters – 1989

Amsterdam had lots of very hip people out on the streets in 1989 – I was very comfortable there. They were friendly and I could walk anywhere in the city with my Leica M6 and not have to worry about anything.

Todays song is more two part “exercise” – guitar + cello, and there wasn’t enough space to add anything else. This has been a really great exercise.

I will be posting the garden art (assemblages) tomorrow – since I will have 7 up blotting out the neighbors “Eyesore Acres” – but its actually turning into more than a “spite fence” – my wife asked if I could keep making these – that she likes them a lot. Truth is – our front and back yard has needed “something”, and this quirky garden art seems to be just what was needed. Luckily – I have a ton of junk ready to make these things.

The idea came from R.E.M. and their “Radio Free Europe” video – featuring Howard Finsters garden art:

I do have to admit – it was R.E.M. who influenced me to start playing guitar and then piano back in the 80’s. There are many other bands and many genre’s I love – but if I ony could mention THE ONE influence its R.E.M. – especially their earlier stuff (although they really don’t have a bad album – even their last stuff which I didn’t even bother to buy).

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