San Francisco Golden Gate Statue – 1989

This one is treated

I guess the “decisive moment” is where you find it – where you are and what frame of mind you are in (bad pun intended). Looking back on these “best of” photos of mine – when I was very much into “fine art” photography – I can now say without reservation that fine art photography is indeed fine art. I guess its also like music – some lament that “kids these days” use computer based tools to make music and they don’t play an instrument in the traditional sense. I say that art is art if someone thinks its art. I also think if someone enjoys music – if its say “electronica” vs. old school instruments, its all in the eye of the beholder.

This one is untreated

I have a friend who makes excellent music. When I had him check out my music he then felt compelled to admit that he made his all with a computer keyboard and felt guilty because he didn’t play a “real” instrument. His music is great – and I told him “poppycock” – its either something people like or not – regardless of the tools you use. And musical instruments (for me anyway) are just like tools in my toolbox downstairs – the final work is all that matters.

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