Eyesore Acres Assemblage Fence

Captive audience

As promised, here are the photos of what I call “Phase 1” of the yard art fence. My goal is to divert attention away from the awful eyesore some pompous trust fund baby had built and which already looks like a shack in disrepair. I honestly grew up near trailer homes that looked much nicer.

We might plant a little bit – so between the art and the plants its all filled in and then is an “artificial fence” – and doesn’t look like a “spite fence” even though it really is.

It was a lot of fun – and I got it done before my surgery and also a set of new rain storms that will drench us.

OK – back to Amsterdam tomorrow – and I also need to start digitizing another European city from 1989 – maybe London or Paris – maybe someplace else. I’ll go through my negatives today.

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