Leica No More

The 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most idiotic events I’ve attended in my life. So many people jammed onto the bridge that its arch dropped 7 feet and it flattened. Very dangerous!
I found a camera
That really rings my bell
Much more than my Leica
That I really had to sell

The best things in life
Aren't really free
But way overpriced
They just don't have to be

Too much is too much
Moderation is magic
Going way overboard
Is existentially tragic

We are all just turtles
Carrying our shell
Learning what's enough
Will make us mentally well

I checked back and found that in 1987 – when this was taken – at the 50th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge I was using a Pentax ME Super. I have to admit – I took many more great photos with it – but I did get sucked into a much more expensive Leica M6 – which – if I remember right – cost $4000 at the time – including a 50MM lens. It was so much faster and easier to change film in the Pentax – that I remember clearly.

I own one “serious” guitar – a Fender Thinline Telecaster, and it is mainly because the first guitar I owned was a black and white tele. Like with the less expensive Pentax being the better camera for me in the late 80’S – my $750 Godin Archtop guitar is my favorite guitar – I pick it up a lot more than the $2000 Telecaster Thinline. So I occasionally still fall for purchasing what is supposed to be “the best”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have buyers remorse like I did with the Leica.

This song is meant to be a humorous commentary that oftentimes – more than not – things that are sold as the “epitome” of this that or the other thing are things to stay away from. Unfortunately – it does take some trial and error – but I must admit – some things like the Leica M6 were way, way, way overpriced. Sorry – I don’t feel it did anything to make me a better photographer. In fact, to be honest – the Pentax ME Super did – and it was a really small camera so it was fine for street photography.

Fuji is kicking Leica’s butt with a $1399 camera – the X100V. You can’t purchase it – but I can tell from the specs and so many rave reviews that its a Leica Killer. I even think its overpriced for what it is – but compared to any Leica camera – it gets the job done, is much cheaper and looks just like my M6. I’ll never understand why Leica only caters to the filthy rich (and poorer suckers like me who bought into their “premium” pitch) back in the late 80’s. I don’t mind expensive if the value warrants it.

Digital cameras become obsolete so fast these days – I might wait until all of the many hipsters who have purchased this Fuji have regrets because they listened to some Youtuber or Tik Tocker going on about how great this camera is. I guarantee you – sometime this year – or next – this camera will become cheaper – especially when the next shiny penny hits the market – or when the supply chain issues calm down. And there will be tons of hipsters selling them used when they realized street photography isn’t for them.

Fuji did what Leica, Lumix (Panasonic), Sony and others didn’t do. I’ve never owned a Fuji camera – but will seriously consider it this year.

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