Paris Park – 1987

This is not Photoshopped. I did adjust the contrast a bit to get rid of some junk that was also illuminated along with the statue.

I just found out about Saul Leiter and his absolutely fantastic color street photography. His colors are very special and his compositions are similar to what I have always strived for – simple, powerful and uncluttered images. His compositions look like what you’d find in black and white, but the color palette added keeps that “classic” look. Ralph Gibson is a little bit like this too.

I think my style is actually much more graphic than Henri Cartier Bresson’s style. I never stood in one place waiting for something to happen. In fact, I was more like a prowler or walker who kept my eyes open for something – and the graphic part is some dramatic lighting.

I also didn’t worry about whether or not people were in the scene and liked nature photography just as much. I’ve always liked abstract images and reflections – people or no people.

There is something extra special though about people in a street photograph. I think its because by their clothes, style, walk, posture, facial expression, a story is told. I’m glad I did take pictures of people close up, and while I’ve always been shy, when I prowled a city street, I tried to either blend in with others or I tried to look like a tourist.

I must have done a decent job because I was never confronted by anyone.

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