The Promise

I can’t remember if this was in Zug Switzerland or Munich, Germany. Die Spieldose means “The Music Box” in German, which I think is very cool
I made a promise to myself
Take my life down from its shelf
Start doing what I know is right
I got scared that cold and dark night

I promised in a cemetery
It was dark, dank and scary
Could I keep my new made plan?
Could I be a better man?

Now its been a season since
I never looked back or even winced
I guess it happened in its own time
I've gone from the dark to the sublime

Life isn't always what you do
Sometimes doing nothing is what's new
When you're ready you know it well
Its the difference between heaven and hell

After my first total knee replacement last May I promised myself that I would lose some serious weight before the second replacement – which happens tomorrow.

I’m ecstatic and so pumped to say I have hit my first weight loss gain of losing half of the 40 pounds I have to lose, and I did this since mid October. The ball was set in motion in September when we stayed at Mammoth in the Eastern Sierras and where I started hiking with walking sticks. I did one 5 mile hike, one 4 mile hike and some shorter ones. Ever since then I kept hiking even though its been quite painful. But the pain was worth losing the weight. One pound lost is between 4 – 7 pounds off your knees. I also have been doing a lot of serious weight lifting and some cycling. It takes serious focus, discipline and commitment.

I’ve tried before and once I hit a plateau I gave up. This time I’m using the Lose It app but trying “experiments”. These have uncovered where I needed to tweak my diet. It hasn’t been a crazy change, because we mostly eat a diet very close to the Mediterranean Diet. I even got past a plateau. Its bio chemistry, actually.

Fun story – I made the serious decision (promise to myself) to really get this done while shooting Halloween photographs in an old spooky Catholic cemetery in Martinez. Hence the lyrics to this song.

The music is a lap steel and cello and the go great together. So much so I didn’t ruin it by singing.

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