The Healing Violin

Keep an open mind
And magic you will find
Music soothes the soul
Plant it, let it grow

In your comfy chair
Mind without a care
Play it once again
Your healing violin

Play it like a fiddle
Play it in the middle
Play it upside down
Lets hear how that sounds

Remember last May
Dulcimer that you played
You learned to make new sounds
You reached that higher ground

Last May I had my left knee replaced and it took 2 months before I got to the point where I felt I was healing fast.

I just had my right knee replaced and I’m already at least 2 – 3 weeks beyond where I was last time. I have been hiking a lot since September, I lost 20 pounds since mid October, and I have the benefit of experience.

Last May I tried the Godin Seagull Stick Dulcimer during recovery, and it has become a fun instrument I use occasionally. I’ve had an NS Designs 5 string violin which is the only instrument I’ve “neglected”. So I will play it during this recovery.

I think I’ve avoided playing it because I hate how you are supposed to play it. Then, my niece, who was my cello instructor reminded me that fiddle players hold it differently.

Tonight I held it like a baby cello with the chest rest piece on my thigh, and holy shit – I love it!

To sweeten the deal, I’m running into my little portable Yamaha amp and wow – it sounds great.

We might have a new winner here!

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