Amsterdam Cafe Passerby – 1989

This photo is one that would have been easy to miss back in the 80’s when I printed what I thought were the best. My technical abilities with the M6 were just OK – but composition wise I did better than I expected. Here we have me – who can see the woman in the window with the fellow walking past and looking at me. Now I understand Joel Myeorwicz’s idea of capturing the relationships between subjects in a composition vs. concentrating on the subjects themselves. Because I can’t remember if it was just luck to capture the fellow walking past – and I think it was – I don’t remember what was in my head at the time. That’s OK – its the final execution that matters.

Song wise – its a weird little ditty using electric violin, ARP2600 synth patch, piano patch and a mandolin. I’m doing great recuperating from right knee total replacement surgery, and so I can only carry small instruments out to the studio – but I was able to work in my studio pretty much the day after surgery – which is at least 3 weeks earlier than last time – when I was pretty much couch bound for those first 3 weeks.

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