But is it Art?

Jonesing for a Fuji X100V – its unobtainable right now – but this camera is what I think should be called the “Digital M6 Junior”. Leica only knows how to make very expensive cameras. Fuji – 1, Leica – 0

I recently visited a couple Youtube vlogs where the host had the right look and feel of what a good vlog would be, they had music, mood and also did a good job with gear review.

Then they showed their photographs and they were super bland with very poor light control. Compositionally and technically it was shit. And someone saying they intended it to be an ironic piece of anti-art doesn’t impress me. In most cases that’s an excuse used by lazy people who haven’t put enough effort in it.

“It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of two mockeries of a sham

– Woody Allen, Bananas, 1971

In the 80’s we called these types poseurs. My hope for them is that they either take a photographic art appreciation class or buy the countless used monographs of famous fine art photographers. I did both of these and still don’t lose any sleep over whether I’m a Fine Art Photographer or just someone who stumbles on it occassionally. And because I was roaming around Europe trying to copy Henri Cartier-Bresson or Eugene Atget – does this mean I’m a copycat Fine Art photographer?

“Fine-art photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion”

– Wikipedia

I like the above quote. I am old enough to remember the discussion of whether or not Photography is an Art or not. Paralleling this, there was discussion about Rock Music being Art. Same for Rap. In the 80’s this really was a topic because there were bands pushing the envelope. Many of these were influenced by bands like Roxy Music and Bowie and others who really stepped out if traditional rock circles.

Soon, I’ll have my second lovely Godin guitar. I really love Godin guitars

One fun thing is looking back at an era you did not appreciate at the time – in your younger years – but you look at it now and can’t believe how your novice eye or ear missed it.

Just musing over coffee on a crisp, bright sunny Sunday morning after what seemed like a Biblical set of 12 major rain storms.

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