Its Only a Paper Moon

I have to admit, I’m an “old soul” and have always been. I remember my parents always wanting a new model home. They didn’t care for the older house like what my Grandfather had in Keyport, NJ after he retired. I loved that house – it’s front porch was closed in with many small window panes. The house was a sort of Craftsman bungalow style house.

In the modern real world, I also love new technology, but I do know the foundation of old technology that made the modern possible.

For example, the Computer evolved from a Jacquard Loom – where punched cards were made to automate part of the weaving process.

With my song writing, my latest song experiments have me slowing down my songs which finally have me arriving at the destination I’ve always wanted. I’m changing the way I play, and it forces me to be a lot more precise and careful about playing chords and notes while muting strings that shouldn’t be heard. In other words, be more thoughtful and deliberate. The extra care and attention is already paying off yuge bigly.

The destination harkens back to the 1920’s and 30’s more than any other decades. There are a few forays into Victorian / Gold Mining times, and perhaps some 40’s and 50’s, but if I had to chose one lifetime I’m most fascinated with – it would be my Grandparents age and lifetime.

Several posts I had an image of a small outdoor theatre with a cool crescent moon. There’s a little art deco and maybe even tinge of Victorian, not sure. But when I see objects like that, I feel it.

In the 90’s, one of my favorite rock albums was The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness. It was heavy and grungy and really did sound like it bordered melancholy without sinking into a maudlin blubber fest. Its like Radiohead – where through magic they were able to write music that was more uplifting than depressing – but which evokes a certain set of introspective thoughts and feelings.

The Decemberists also have this vibe but not grungy but more folksy / Americana.

My goal is to write songs that have some drama, some pathos, evoke emotions or feelings, without getting maudlin.

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