Danger Train!

Zurich – 1987

What is wrong with this picture? Nothing – its a joke on today’s parenting and society. Back in the 80’s – here in Switzerland – these kids are actually looking out the train window, having fun, being kids. They are most likely on a class trip. Notice – no cell phones, no Game Boys, etc. Their parents hadn’t indoctrinated them with “stranger danger” paranoia, nor did they talk about that “groomer”. They told the kids how to be safe, and that’s what happened. (I know from experience – I was approached by a teacher – and sports coach – once and knew what to do to stay out of danger. Funny – I just went about my business and didn’t sound any alarms. I never had a problem from that teacher again.

The statue to the left was just on the negative in another frame – and I thought it would be funny – to see if at first glance someone might think it means or symbolizes something. It doesn’t.

As usual – all of these latest songs really open up the right space and sound from the guitar for the Cello. So these are becoming the best Cello practice songs I’ve had yet. I can really cut lose – and the Cello is no longer trying to be a Bass guitar replacement (my initial idea) – but it now is equal to the guitar in important – and where I can cut lose and really push my limits playing it. After one year of playing Cello – I’m getting very comfy and familiar how it can be used in my silly little pop song ideas.

2 Comments on “Danger Train!

  1. There are some free-range kids around here and honestly, it’s a bit of a shock. A good one! We wandered wild and free when I was a kid and everything was fine. Better than fine, probably. Just make sure you come home when the streetlights turn on.


    • I actually remembered my parents telling me if anyone asked me for anything or to go somewhere and it didnt seem right – say no thank you and keep on walking. Its the “dont take candy from strangers” talk. Besides a coach who later got busted, there was a pervert Boy Scout leader who had two victims come back when they became adults and killed that scout leader. Such was life in a very “safe” small NJ town.


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