Fuji X100V Revisited

Some Day, I Hope

After being convinced that doing street photography is too dangerous – that I’d get robbed of my camera – I’ve decided I would concentrate on smaller, safer towns instead.

I do agree with my friend who said that unlike 1987 or 1989, (when people didn’t have cell phones and game boys and whatnot) – people still looked at each other and looked more engaged in real life and were more interesting to photograph.


The X100V has been super hyped on various social media sites to the point where they are constantly sold out. Normally I’d be against what seems to be a”hipster camera”, but this one is what I wished my M6 would have been back in the 80’s – which is a camera that doesn’t get in the way of your photography.

Here’s hoping this camera becomes available sometime soon. I hear it could be months. They are selling for twice MSRP on eBay so you know only the wannabes and hipsters are buying those as “fashion accessories”. And then it starts smelling Leica-ish – great cameras at a ridiculous price.

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