Solid State Logic SSL12 Review

The Best Interface I’ve Ever Used

I’ve tried Scarlett, Motu, United Audio and Presonus interfaces and this SSL12 is by far the best.

I’ve had the SSL2 and SSL2+ and found that while the sound was top of the mark, the control panel and input / output ports were kind of goofy. The strangest was not having led lights on some switches, so if you arent in a blindingly well lit room, you had to use braille to figure out which switches were engaged.

I posted a review with wishes – that the input ports and headphones were on the front panel and that the switches had led lights. With two added mic / instrument inputs and ADAT, this unit checks all my boxes and more – quite a bit more.

The build quality is fantastic – more solid feeling than the previous models and the icing on the cake is the 360 software. I’ve only used it to disable the alt button because using the alt button to control my Avantone Mono mix isn’t as good as just using a monitor out, the same way I did this on my SSL2+. I have my Yamaha HS-5’s in the 1 and 2 monitor out and Avantone cube in the 3 and 4 output ports.

The high pass filter is incredible and prevents all kinds of transient noise that make mixes muddy.

In short – this is what I consider a perfect sound interface for my Cubase DAW.

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