Pentax ME Super and Fujifilm XT30ii

THIS is the camera I used most in the 80’s. It was fantastic!

Sorry Leica fans, as much as I respect their products and heritage – I had a gorgeous M6 with “normal” 50mm lens, it never came close to the success and fun I had with my Pentax ME Super.

Pretty cool and amazing, really

After wondering about Fujifilm and the X100v I realized I was falling back into the same trap I fell into 40 or so years ago. No doubt – the X100V is THE coolest camera on the market for a very reasonable price (never mind the scammers and scalpers). The best looking for sure. The M6 looked WAY cooler than the Pentax. But why do we buy cameras? A fashion accessory?

I ordered the all black model

But I had to ask myself “What creative features do I want that Fuji film has, and which of their cameras would fill the bill?”. I love my Lumix LX-100ii so much, what would I get with a Fuji?

Here is my answer:

+ Film simulations
+ Small size
+ No serious video crap features
+ Fast shutter speed - not for sports, just street and nature photography
+ Low light ability
+ Changeable lens, but where I would just put one lens on for good
+ 16 MP or greater
+ Wide to normal film lens equivalent
+ Reasonable price / good value
+ Decent lens

The x100v didn’t fit the bill with its fixed lens. I use the telephoto on the LX100ii ALL of the time. So, I decided on function over form. Going back 40 years – where I had a choice between cameras, function also won hands down over form. Will history repeat itself?

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