Amsterdam 1989: The Clock Tower

Back to Amsterdam, a city that has to be one of the most pleasant and livable cities in the world.

I listened to Tom Waits Mule Variations album with morning coffee. Highly recommended.

About this recording – it sucks. I switched from the Yamaha THR-5 to the Katana, and while its possible that I had a low battery condition – I think its single small speaker is its Achilles heel. I’ll try again with fully charged batteries, just to double make sure.

UPDATE: I re-recorded the Cello part and its better, but the Katana does fine with guitars but not electric cellos. I’m guessing its an input impedance issue as well as the single small mono speaker.

The Yamaha THR-5 stereo amp is most definitely the better amp – and I’ll post why later today.

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