Fujifilm XT30II + XF18 – 55mm Lens Review

After drooling and jonesing for a Fujifilm X100V for months and being totally disgusted by its “hipster appeal” and subsequent price gouging on several large, well known online shopping sites, I decided to make a list what I needed feature wise – and that list is in a post a few posts back. The absolute musts were Fuji’s film simulation and being able to change lenses, even though I most likely will never need to do so. However, if I find the day where I need a wide angle pancake lens for street photography, I can take the 18 – 55mm lens off and reduce the “footprint” of this camera.

The build quality is stellar – much better than I expected. This camera is very much like what a Pentax ME Super would have evolved to. Fujifilm has done what Kodak didn’t and use its film legacy to offer a product line unlike no other. This camera and lens are small enough, but have some real heft. I’m very impressed.

The Fujifilm XT30ii and Lumix LX100ii

The menu system and on camera controls are very similar to my Lumix LX100ii camera which I love dearly. The autofocus system on the Fuji is more advanced.

The Fujifilm hype is actually warranted. Their approach is to make the digital experience as close to old school analog / film, and their attention to detail and build quality are second to none. The fact that they use much of the same platform in all of their cameras means that I’m getting top if the line features in the smallest footprint at a very reasonable price. I have learned that more bells and whistles do nothing for me, and I actually wish there were no video features. I hate paying for that feature.

When I was roaming the streets back in the 80’s, I always carried a camera, and 40 years later I finally can truly appreciate what I did in my youth. I was paying attention, and I have to thank CCSF photography classes and Lily Mok at the Harvey Milk rec center for being great teachers.

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