Long Shadows

In three weeks we Spring Ahead and the Winter days will trade places with longer Spring days. The long shadows of Winter will grow shorter.

Photographers cherish where light, shadows and darkness are. Even if you aren’t a photographer, having a “photographic eye” can really enhance your life. You will see things others miss.

I used to dread Summer with its harsh overhead light until I started taking pictures in the Summer Shadows. The hours in and around sunrise and sunset are called “The Golden Hours” because the light can be lower, more even and have longer shadows.

Today’s song is loosely based on Tom Waits, who had some very interesting combinations of blues, jazz, folk, rock and experimental music. It can sound like another era but still also feel modern. The more I dig through his albums, the more I realize that he’s quite an unassuming (or perhaps somewhat obscure?) genius.

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