The Signalman

Now that I’ve lost 25 pounds I’m feeling better about being in a photograph. I still have more to go, but at least I’m out of the beached whale zone.

A few years back I wanted to photograph what I called a “Haunted Puppet Theatre”, and it was OK, but it didn’t have that certain something that I was looking for.

Now I’m thinking it would be fun to be part of my assemblage art – be one of the creepy characters. Today I did my first photo shoot with the Fuji film XT30ii, and wow – it was good that I decided on a telephoto lens instead of a fixed lens. While I still am in love with the X100V, for now, I’m very pleased with my decision. This first photo shoot was my proof.

Today’s song features the Recording King lap steel that I put a new pickup in. I love playing now that it sounds so good.

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