Broken Glass Monolith

Scraping the sky
Deciding our fate
Who will live and die
The Tower of Power

Where dreams are destroyed
Decided by men in grey suits
They're never annoyed
"Its just business"

Not enough to pay the rent
Power politicians dirty secrets
Sinners all who don't repent
American Oiligarchs

I no longer believe
In anyone's religion
But Karma gives relief
Cuz man's his own worst enemy

I’ve removed myself from watching any political nonsense since before the holidays and because I have been so busy at work and getting prepared for – and following knee replacement surgery.

This photograph was taken in the 1980’s just after Los Angeles opened an incarnation of their MOCA – Modern Art Museum – which was downtown. It was a major retrospective of Man Rays work and was fantastic.

The photo was taken in Irvine or some other business park in Orange County. I think near the John Wayne Airport.

Anyway, I have been very pleased to see the continued bleeding of so many miscreants – politicians and businessmen getting their just deserts. Karma takes a God Awful time, but it never ceases to amaze me how even the hardest criminal or sociopathic mind ends up in rubble. Man (and I most certainly mean Men) have a sort of death wish due to being their own worst enemy. Even those who get away with their crimes against humanity or even just human decency always self destruct in the end.

Its like they WANT to get caught – like its a final relief after being so out of control.

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