Fallen Dreams

Weathered wallpaper and tattered shade in Bode window
Please go away
Haven't you had your say?
Why do you hold me
Against my will this way?

The leaves had fallen
Many months ago
Returned to earth
Where new plants grow

We once had a dream
With time its faded fast
There is no more adventure
Another life times passed

This song is not about a relationship (per se) between two people. Its about the memory of a dream that two people had in younger years that seems to have died on the vine, quietly and in the background, and where the couple hasn’t quite come to grips with the “new reality”. The world is so different from the time that they had these dreams.

Sure – there are new dreams – more practical, less risky, but man, those dreams of young lovers sure were something else!

Age has a way of somehow tainting the dreams of youth.

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