Beware of the O.G.

The O.G. Himself …..

While I might be done with Ham Radio for good, if I ever did get back into it it would be because of Morse Code. Mainly to preserve a sort of “living history” and pay homage to this old method of communication – which I think now is an art form.

Interestingly, scanning my old film gives me no similar feelings about “analog” Photography. I don’t miss film, a darkroom full of toxic chemicals and heavy metal or printing on paper. I prefer digital everything and not wasting trees.

I’m going to do a series of self portraits to serve as a celebration of losing 25 pounds, and to motivate me to lose the last 15 pounds (my goal requires only 13 more pounds, but lets make it an even 40). I might lose another 15 after that – so I can fit into two killer retro cycling jerseys i bought years ago but never wore.

I like Cindy Sherman’s portrait idea – where she dressed up as fictional iconic characters – characters that approximated real life people like Marilyn Monroe, etc. I have tried to take a “serious” self portrait but can’t do it unless there is some humor in it. So I’ll start ok out as a WWI or WWII Signalman.

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