Leica Q2 Instead of an X100V!

The much better camera

Since you can’t get a Fuji x100v, come May, I’ll seriously consider a Leica Q2.

When I see the x100v at $2000 – $2500 then I think “Why not just buy a Leica and stop kidding myself”. I don’t care for excessive bling or overpriced anything. But the whole TikTok bullshit that sent the X100V into unobtanium mode really ruined my feelings for what seemed like a great “poor mans Leica”. Once that happened, very oddly enough, all of a sudden what seemed like yet another overpriced bling camera from Leica now seems like a better value.

Roseburg, OR

I guess everything is inflated these days. Is this the new norm? I fear it is.

Canyonville, OR butcher shop sign

The more I scan my 1980’s film negs the more anxious I am to do street photography. Instead of big dangerous cities it will be smaller towns. In fact I’ll return to my roots – growing up in a town of only 7000 and that was the biggest town in the county has never left me. In fact, on a recent trip to visit my brother in law in tiny Canyonville, OR I found several great things to photograph.

Shack in Canyonville, OR

Just musing, I’m in no hurry and can think about this for months. Too bad the Leica CL is no longer – that even would have been a better value. Plus I like the two wheels and LCD window that approximated real camera dials.

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