The Melk Man Always Rings Twice

The Melk Man has arrived!

I still need to go through several archival binders of negatives and digitize them. I have several cities to cover, but I must say that looking at my images from Amsterdam reminds me – 40+ years later that its just the most livable and warm and friendly city I think I’ve ever visited.

The Melk Man Always Rings Twice

There are many types of interesting cities in Europe. Zurich was the most peaceful, clean and quiet, with natural beauty nearby. Berne was gorgeous but I didn’t care for Geneva – at all. London was the most fun and really quite comfy but much busier than Amsterdam or Zurich. Paris is awesome but had a seedy edge – there were shysters, gypsies and pick pockets everywhere – so it ties NYC for being edgy and dangerous. However, I’d choose Paris over NYC for the more bohemian and artsy aspects – but in a weird way, they are a lot alike.

The German cities that I visited – Munich, Augsburg and Stuttgart were OK – but I can’t say too memorable. I hear Berlin is that one German city that I really need to visit before I spin off this mortal coil. My fathers side of the family is from Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Pfulligen, and anything along the Neckar. The Black Forest is awesome and in my blood – when I visited there I could feel it.

My Mom is from Torquay by way of London – specifically Hammersmith and Bow. I felt a very strong connection when I lived in SW-10 and visited relatives in Devon.

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