Fujifilm, Kodak and Man Ray

Man Ray used the Carbro method of creating color photographs in the 1930’s

Man Ray was in my grandfathers generation – in fact they were born close in years and passed away within one year. Man Ray was mostly a black and white film photographer, but did experiment with color in the 1930’s. He used a process called Carbro where you take three photographs – red, green and blue and layer and filter them.

When I graduated from Lock Haven State College I had been recruited to go to Rochester and work for Kodak. I used to shoot Kodachrome plus Kodak and Ilford black and white. Film companies had “color science”.

Fujifilm and its line of cameras has all of the world buying out every model available. On several social media sites people can’t stop saying how cool Fujifilm film simulations are.

After being appalled at the run on such products, after just two photograph sessions taking goofy self portraits – it hit hard. I’m smitten and have been converted by these young whipper snappers. And in fact, I’m thankful that they are getting into real photography and stepping away from their iPhones. Using a real camera with no texting or social media disruption will be great for their mental health.

These young hipsters and cool kids are right. The color and look of these Fujifilm simulations are fantastic.

Since I use Gimp and now RAWTherepee, I can get the “Man Ray Carbro” look, and I love it.

Its an old soul thing – Young hipsters surely understand where I’m coming from – heh heh.

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