The Blairstown Witch Project

An old stone building near Blairstown, NJ

Way back in 1991 or so I visited my old county – where I grew up – Sussex County, NJ. I visited Blairstown and Stillwater. I came across this spooky place.

Here’s a list of famous people from that area – Jeanine Garafalo – Newton, NJ – my home town. Blondie – went to college at an all girls college called Centinary – in Blairstown. Railroad Earth (band) – Stillwater, NJ. Friday the 13th was filmed in and around Blairstown the year my family moved to California. But I digress.

When you stumble upon an old building in the woods

Anyhoo, I walked around these two tiny towns – which look like they could be in New England – and stumbled on this old rock building. I’d say it was a Grist Mill – but as far as I can remember, it wasn’t next to a creek or river.

What’s he building in there?

I do have these old images, but my memory has no recollection of exactly where this was or what this was or how I got near it to photograph it.

That alone is the spooky part.

2 Comments on “The Blairstown Witch Project

  1. Back before everything was geo-tagged and time-stamped. If it’s torn down now, no way you could ever hope to know where it was. Ambiguity can be spooky by itself.

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