“She” is a Rangefinder Camera . . .
I was to be her pet
She made me sneeze and sweat
She left before we met
A day I can't forget

Bohemian Love Jones?
Feel it in your bones?
Does it cause gall stones?
Makes you write bad poems?

"She" is not a human being
Prettiest thing I've ever seen
Her shunning is rather mean
Oh how she primps and preens

She's made of finest metal
Finer than a roses petal
To buy her my soul I'd have to sell
While the rest of me burns in hell

Lets all do the dance
Of the Sacred St. Vitus
Before we become detritus
While she still excites us

I took an image straight out of my Fujifilm XT30ii and tried to improve on it in Gimp. I couldn’t.

Yes, these young whippersnapper hipster photographers really nailed it when they sent Fujifilms sales through the roof.

Its going to be very interesting. I am so very glad I purchased what I did, but later this year will no doubt get a rangefinder. If the X100V were available, that would have been end of story. However it would have been the WRONG camera for self portraits and photographing my art and curio shop themed home recording studio.

What I will do is do street photography, but in small towns. Looking at my Blairstown photos and Canyonville photos, I realize that my 80’s street photography was my “Swan Song” for big city street photography – and honestly, I doubt I can do better. That took walking around all day and those days are long gone.

I’ve looked at my Emmigrant Wilderness and other Sierra photography. Its quite good – but it just doesn’t move me like the town and city stuff does.

When I was in Canyonville last November, and Bode in September, I loved walking around small shacks and local small town kitsch and historic places of interest.

This will become my next phase of “street photography” and it fits my age and where I am in my life.

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