Digital Rangefinder Blues

The most beautiful 35mm film camera in my books
I know cameras are just a tool
Taking photos is their lot
I have the Leica rangefinder blues
Under my collar I'm feeling hot
The most practical beautiful digital rangefinder you can’t buy
Some Range Finders cost too much
Some are un-ob-tanium
Why do I want one, what's the fuss?
I think I'm going insane-ium
Leica’s $10,000 digital camera with one lens
The evil devil says "go buy"
That you only live just once
I suppose before I die
I'll be that buying dunce
Only $6000 – such a bargain!
Angel tells me to be good
I already have everything I need
My present camera engine under hood
Has all the strength and speed

My friend Mike commented yesterday about film vs. digital. He’s right, and it made me think of several paradoxes associated with cameras these days.

  • Digital cameras fail after about 10 years. Film cameras last forever
  • Digital media gets lost or goes bad. Ever record on a CD and it went bad?
  • I offered all of my film to my kids (after I scan it). Neither wants it and one is a photographer. I’ll throw it away before I move to Bend next year
  • Film is too expensive, requires too much work and is in short supply
  • Fujifilm cameras are in short supply – the only reasonable answer to all of these conundrums

Don’t suggest to buy an iPhone. NEVER. I did have fun rewriting this.

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