Haunted Curio Shoppe

My tiny home studio is used for recording music and working on photography. The motif is “Haunted Curio Shoppe” – and is heavily influenced by my Assemblage Art – which I have posted here:


These days I don’t commit the doo dads and curios and trinkets to boxes – but use and reuse these creepy things in many photographs. If you look a few posts back – where I have a Man Ray book cover photo that has his example of a still life that looks like an Assemblage piece – now you know where I got that from.

I’ll be posting more parts of my curio motif – I’ve now got it set up better than any Assemblage that I did in the past – although maybe a dozen out of a hundred were really good – if you don’t mind me bragging. That Flickr site is sort of where I had my “training wheels” on.

I’m also having a blast with the Lap Steel guitar that I modified – as you’ll hear in today’s song. It goes quite well with the Cello – and inspired me to get crazy on the Cello at the end of the song.

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