Why the Fuji X100V is Much Better Than a Leica

Hands Down Winner – X100V

After a LOT of musing about my 1980’s experience with a Leica M6, and after 10+ years using Panasonic Lumix digital cameras with Leica designed lenses (usually made in China), there’s a new kid in town – Fuji film and the X100V.

The X100 series is already 10 years old, and when they came out I thought their film simulation idea was a sort of gimmick. Boy was I wrong, and man, did I blow it. The X100V – the latest in that line – is already 3 years old.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a Leica LOVER not hater. But I love value more . . .

Leica cameras are just too expensive. The value proposition in terrible. The Q2 looked like a more affordable option, but the problem with digital cameras is they do not age as well as old film cameras. I have had a couple digital cameras that fail after 10 years and I seriously doubt they could be fixed. The fixed lens on the Q2 is worth more than the body, and that body will die electronically in 10 years. Imagine throwing away a $6000 camera! Leica removable lenses are a better value even though they are so expensive.

If Lumix came out with a rangefinder it still wouldn’t have Fuji’s color science or film chops, so guess what?

I will wait until they are being manufactured and released again. I almost think Fuji might have a new model coming out because they have not been forthcoming on when X100V’s will be available. I wouldn’t be surprised if they might have a new 40mp based version coming out. It would explain their secrecy.

Leica should license Fuji’s color science and / or co-develop a Leica – Fuji rangefinder that is affordable – I would pay up to $3000 for a fixed lens Leica – Fuji camera – knowing that one day it will be disposable (which is what ALL digital cameras are). Heck – maybe it would be a Lumix – Fuji collaboration – since Lumix cameras have very nice inexpensive (high value) Leica’s lenses. The Leica lens on my Lumix LX-100ii is AWESOME. The weight and size of the LX100ii is much better than the Fuji cameras.

My all time dream camera would be a Lumix – Fuji – Leica mash up – the size and weight of an LX100ii with Fuji film simulations – the existing Leica zoom lens that it has now (again – a superb lens), and it would have the same controls as the X100V. So – it might be between the size of the LX100ii and the X100V.

I’m very, very happy with my XT-30ii. It does everything (and more) than the X100V – and is better for my still life and portrait work by a country mile.

But later, when the weather gets nice, I’ll buy an X100V just for fun and doing small town street photography. I’m actually starting to like the silver model better than the black.

Until then I’m having a blast with the XT-30ii and learning all of the many features that work the same way in all Fuji cameras.

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