Fujifilm Sepia Film Simulation

The film simulations in the Fujifilm cameras are really special – and I’m quite surprised – I had such a different opinion 10 years ago when Fuji came out with this idea. I’ve read that its even causing many to get into serious photography – where they are replacing taking selfies and snapshots with iPhones with a real camera. Now I have seen the light – and I like what I see.

This is no small feat – once a new technology takes over (“Smart Phones”) its hard to put that genie back in the bottle. So – while I may have had some bad feelings towards “influencers” – I can see why they are important – because they show their enthusiasm and excitement – which is a great thing in this life where the day to day can make you cynical. Its great to see people really enjoying themselves – and having something to look forward to and even obsess over. Way better than obsessing over politics or covid – or some of the other things we have and to endure the last 4 – 8 years or so (depending on when you think things started getting really bad in the US). Covid then held us hostage – and we were left to be bombarded with total crap in the media. At least now – people are out and about like pre-covid, and its a great feeling – and photography is just the right ticket to come out of that cloudy past.

Maybe playing with Fujifilm film sims makes me feel I’m in another era – where things were simpler and kinder. Now – how’s that for a pretty profound – and somewhat “dramatic” proclamation. Hey – its my dream – and I can dream it if I want to.

Make America Photograph Again!

While I switched from film to digital photography when digital cameras hit 2 MP, I can’t say I’ve ever had this “digital film” experience. It is possible in Gimp, and while I love Gimp – doing so much work in post has an effect of taking valuable time away from making images.

This Fujifilm experience is all that – what the young hipsters say it is.

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