I Bet Fujifilm Will Announce a New X100 Camera Soon

One thing that has made no sense whatsoever is that Fujifilm has not said anything about its insanely popular X100V – except “We have stopped taking orders”. The only reasonable explanation – they will announce something in April or May – and the logic goes like this:

1. They are starting to release 40 mp sensor cameras – super-ceding their 26.1 mp cameras. ALL of their cameras use that same platform – even my “lowly” XT30ii – which is the best bargain Fuji offer(ed)
3. The XT30ii is said to be discontinued. Of course – because they can’t support 26.1 and 40mp lines
3. They had hoped that the X100V would have sold out “normally” – but got caught by complete surprise
4. B&H had been saying on its web site that the X100V would be available by September this year – then they retracted that saying it would be available “soon”
5. The Covid related supply chain issues have been working themselves out
6. I see no way Fuji can manage and maintain a 26.1 and a 40mp sensor based product line simultaneously
7. Fuji is probably constantly badgered about (stupid) video features – so it makes everything even trickier
8. I have actually noticed price drops by the price gougers – like Amazon – that is very telling . . . and this will soon snowball – I am 100% sure of it
9. Fuji will no doubt jack up the price of the X100 line – I’d bet by $200 – based on the price gougers doing nefarious “black market marketing”
10. Its been 3 years that the X100V has been available – meaning its already considered “old” by digital camera standards

My final prediction is that VERY soon – X100V’s will sell much lower than they are right now – as soon as a successor is announced. I will wait until then – and snap up an X100V before they upgrade it to 40mp – with no doubt very stupid video features for “content creators”. Honestly – the ONLY reason I love Fujifilm cameras is that they are trying to be digital film cameras – and video to me is a total waste of resources. I would love it if they had a line with NO video. But the world doesn’t work that way for this OG Photographer – heh heh.

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