About the same time that I posted my “10 Reasons Why I Think Fuji is Going to Announce an X100VI” I started finding others who are also of that same mind.

When Amazon – who has been one of the shitty price gouging slobs out there – (as bad as Wal-Mart) starts dropping the inflated price – as they have recently – you know that that black market shyster shit is about to end.

In fact, we are so close to Fuji’s new announcement(s) that I fully expect that we will see an X100vi announcement in April but with a lag in when they will be available.

So many people will be dumping their X100v to buy the new model that all of a sudden X100v’s will sell for LESS than MSRP, and used models will sell for $500 -$700.

I would consider one at MSRP or less when this happens.

Its funny – my XT-30ii was a killer deal because the lens that came with it can be used on something like an XT-5 body – which is close in price to an X100v’s MSRP. This alone really underscores what a terrible deal an X100v is at inflated prices and how its actually not a good deal even at MSRP. Fuji lenses are so well built – I love mine. In fact, they actually remind me of Leica lenses – even more than the Chinese built Lumix Leica lenses! This is a huge surprise!

In fact, a smarter move for me would be to purchase a 28mm prime Fuji lens plus XT-5 and then buy a new body every 3 years. Investing in a couple Fuji lenses means they should always work. One telephoto and one fixed prime would be WAY better than any X100 series fixed lens camera. The Leica Q2 needs a serious big price drop – its going to take s big hit as soon as Fuji announces the X100VI.

Digital camera bodies are disposable. Lenses are keepers.

– KY6R

The only reason for X100v or X100vi is styling or “bling”.

Anyway, its fun to keep an eye on this. Its been a while since I’ve been this excited about camera gear, and because I have great cameras and lenses to use now (and time is worth more than money these days) I can make photographs and wait and not fall for price gouging.

I sure hope people stay away from the price gougers – and Amazon is looking really bad for what they are doing in my book.

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