Fuji X Secrets Book Review

This is hands down the best digital camera book ever, and right now, today, I think Fujifilm makes the most important and interesting digital cameras on the market.

This book offers not just a masters course in how to use your X series camera, but also how to expose images in JPEG and RAW. It explains dynamic range, ISO and all of the other parameters you need to make great photographs.

The photo examples are adequate – not like Ansel Adams books that teach the Zone System – where he shows stellar images that are the technical side of making pictures – but Rico’s long chapter on ETTR (exposing to the right) is exactly the digital version of the zone system.

Much of the content is unique to Fujifilm. This book couldn’t be written about my Lumix cameras because their architecture doesn’t support the attention to traditional photography that Fujifilm pays to the art and craft – basing squarely on a film metaphor.

This book is still relevant, but will need a revision now that the XT-5 is out.

I enthusiastically give it 5 stars out of 5.

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