Fujifilm XT-5 + Pancake > X100V!

B&H has these in stock for $1699

Thinking more about my Fujifilm journey, I realize that at the current price gouging street price of an X100V, you could get so much more for your money.

This is THE most important part of the Fuji line

Even more than the aesthetics or sensor or other technical specs, the controls are what matter to me the most – and by far

Fun 10mm Laowa pancake lens

When I was doing my best life’s street photography work, I think the hippest think I did was carry my camera in a vintage WWII gas mask bag. Otherwise I wore shorts, a T shirt and looked like a skinny American College Student. I was no hipster and never fashion conscious. So why would I even bother to worry about what a camera looks like 40+ years later?

This will probably be what I’d get – at $399

So, the XT-5 plus one pancake lens for street photography would cost about $2000 – which is about what the price gougers want for an X100V. The XT-5 is very much new and improved, and has all of the controls that are critical to me.

Aesthetically speaking, I could commemorate me being in my 20’s carrying that fantastic Pentax ME-Super back in the 80’s. I already have the Fuji 18 – 55mm lens so I’m great for portraits or anything that needs a slight zoom. The XT-30ii plus the lens I have are too heavy for street photography.

I found the same bag I had back in the day!

The silver lens would make me even hipper, I’d save money and get today’s equivalent in digital for what was film in 1989. The pancake lens would make the XT-5 much, much better than the X100V.

In fact, I could keep the zoom lens on the XT30ii and pancake on the XT-5, and be in super super great shape!

My new evil plan!

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