Celebrating My Street Photography

1980’s Street Photography with Pentax ME Super

Looking back at my 1980’s film photography – I was more prolific and there were more really great shots that I remember. Maybe time does this, maybe my youth was wasted on the young. I don’t know, but I’ve been so happy as I scan the old film. I do my art for myself – as my own form of entertainment. I havent had a TV or cable TV since 2005.

What Fuji no doubt had in mind style wise

To commemorate, I’ll be getting the Silver Fuji XT-5 with Silver 35mm f2 lens.

The cameras controls are just perfect

While the camera is stunning with the Silver on Silver, the controls, sensor autofocus and film simulations are the cats meow.

The Swiss gas mask bag I used in the 80’s

I found a cool gas mask bag, but will use it more to celebrate nostalgia and photograph it as a prop. The Crumpler camera bag I have is the best I’ve ever had.

I have to thank the fact that the X100V has been over priced by scalpers and other greedy bastards. The value in the XT-5 with a decent lens is so much better than a similarly priced X100V. Sorry to say, anyone who pays such an inflated X100V is a fool.

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